Revolutionary Liquid Lock technology means you can save money and the planet, while still offering a convenient packaging solution for your meat products.

For years the meat packaging industry has been using absorbent (or soaker) pads to remove excess moisture from its fresh food products. The purpose is to keep the products fresh, reduce bacteria and extend the shelf-life, so it’s clear to see why they’re so widely used.

Unfortunately however, the popularity of these pads has now presented an environmental problem. In Australia and New Zealand, more than 750 million used soaker pads from meat packaging trays end up in landfill each year.

And that’s not to mention the foam trays that are used in conjunction with the soaker pads, all of which cannot be recycled and also go directly to landfill.

So it has become critical to find an effective solution that still ensures product quality and longevity, but doesn’t compromise on environmental sustainability or price.

What Are the Benefits of Liquid Lock?

Liquid Lock is a revolutionary new honeycomb design that locks excess moisture in place without the need of a soaker pad. It’s made from a high clarity food grade rPET, which is a general-purpose thermoplastic polymer, and is one of the most recycled thermoplastics. 

The benefits of Liquid Lock to you and your business are massive:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Made from a high clarity food grade rPET
  • Great for both machine and hand wrapping
  • Better shelf performance
  • Excellent presentation

Will Liquid Lock Trays Fit Into My Existing Display?

The initial challenge with the Liquid Lock trays, was how to easily change the shape of the recyclable plastic so they would offer the desired functionality.

Thanks to iKONpack’s revolutionary material, our trays fit the same area and configuration as traditional foam trays. So switching to this environmentally friendly solution will still allow you to maximise the layout and presentation of your in-store display. 

Why iKONpack Liquid Lock Trays are a Cost Effective Option

As a company, iKONpack is able to pass on benefits to our customers. We are an association of market leaders in the supply of ingredients and materials across multiple food industry sectors. All of the partners involved have collaborated so we can offer cost effective products and superior technology and expertise.

Our Liquid Lock trays can also save you money during the hand wrapping process.The unique angled edges of the trays allow for higher efficiencies, which can reduce labour costs when hand wrapping. It also makes it very efficient when machine wrapping. 

Are iKONpack Liquid Lock Trays the Right Option For Me?

iKONpack Liquid Lock trays are an incredibly cost-effective solution that provide excellent presentation, better shelf performance, and contribute to a better environmental footprint.

So if you value sustainability, functionality and profitability, iKONpack Liquid Lock Trays are the perfect option for all your meat product packaging needs.

We are dedicated to finding you the best options at the best prices. So please get in touch with one of our packaging experts today to discuss your requirements.