At iKONpack, the future is green
Our sustainable approach - doing the best thing for the environment

iKONpack is already making a strong stand for the environment by supplying reusable, recyclable packaging options to its customers.

Future Focussed

Dedicated to a cleaner earth. We are innovating and forming partnerships with the business to be at the forefront of the change and investing in products which actually make a difference

Our Green Range

Recyclability, biodegradation and compostability are key. We have developed entire ranges of packaging to feed the earth, not damage it.


We are all about packaging for good, making products which are fit for purpose, innovative and give back to the planet.

Now a member of the visionary organisation, the Australian Packaging Covenant, iKONpack is taking its place among some of Australia’s largest brands to make a real difference to the environment

The problem of waste is much bigger than any one company or group can solve. APCO runs on a co-regulatory basis, which “recognises that all sectors and governments have a role to play, working together to find the best possible solutions for packaging efficiency and sustainability in Australia.”