Dinner Clams

Meal Ready Hinged lid Containers by iKON-pack are The premium choice for all Take out  “Meal ready “meals
Three sizes available from Clam , Dinner & Compartment allows you to present multiple offerings , from pies to burgers ,noodles & any Main meal servings.
The Compartment dinner allows segregation of different dishes so as  to have Pasta in one , vegetables in another and include condiments.


• Clear anti-fog lid keeps food looking fresh and appealing to provide impulse sales and reduce order errors.
• Attractive black base highlights the food presentation and clear lid provides total visibility of food contents.


• Withstands temperatures to 230° under heat lamps and in warming units, and in the microwave
• No need to transfer food to another container or plate to heat. Consume “Meal Ready “ straight   from the Container.
• A Secure lid prevents messy spills during handling and transport.

Venting in the lid allows steam to escape while stacked to preserve food quality.


• The perforated lid design allows the consumer to remove the lid and place it under the base for eating on the go.
• Tabs on the base and lid make it easy to open and reclose.


• Durable, cut-resistant polypropylene material is dishwasher-safe and reusable.
• Suitable for Eligible for recycling